Day 101: My Experiment

Oct 25, 2018  Photo By Hans on Pixabay

Today’s Rant: Lies!

Have you ever noticed how heavy, cold, and distant the mind is? A way ward mind that has, metaphorically, detached from the self and decided it knows best. Usually defending a false axiom, complicating your life and relationships. Mental fabrications run rampant and rule the show. The self hides away under it all complaining, whining, getting triggered, and signaling it wants out from under a weighty intellect.

Of course the mind is the snake in the garden of Eden. The seduction of the mind and its false promises of “safety” and “I will protect you” lure you into selling your soul. Once the mind has your soul, you are easily persuaded into lying, manipulating, and deceiving yourself and others. You keep the facade, more lies, claiming guilt as your excuse, holding your banner high for what ever cause, opinion, view point you are virtue signalling today. All the while dumping your shame onto everyone around you so you can feel even better about yourself. The great cover up for original sin-LYING.


A side note: The meat is clearing my brain daily, though still tired.

#lying #truth #bodytalk #breakthough #conflict #defensiveness #peace #freedom #love #relationships #being #beingness #inspiration #relationshipgoals #compassion #shouldnot #should #honesty #leurbanretreat #selfinquiry #knowthyself








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