Day 100: My Experiment

Oct 24, 2018   Photo by Geralt on Pixabay


Childhood is a state in which the parent/adult caregiver has tyrannical control over the tiny child. This happened to every single one of us. The un-examined life pulls at my heart strings knowing we perpetuate past tyrannies. We pass the buck by either: blaming the parent or ourselves then dump it onto our children.

When will you take responsibility for yourself and your life? The answers are wide and varied. But the most common theme and answer is: I am afraid.

From fear arises action or better said inaction.  These actions illustrate: I am a coward. I cannot take responsibility for myself. I resign myself to inflicting upon my children, and those close to me, the same ills as I experienced in childhood.

Some actions are:

“I let my child be beaten so as not to face my wife or husband’s wrath”. Most likely the Mother, as statistically women are the number 1 abusers of children, especially boys. The child becomes the scapegoat for parental cowardice.

“I did the best I could.” This excuse evokes disgust. Basically the parent is saying: I did the best I could with what I had. No indication of self-examination, self inquiry or a desire to take responsibility. Hey kid you are stuck with me and all my crap. I will do the best with it but I certainly will not take responsibility; nor do I, at the minimum, not make things worse. I leave it up to you kid to do your best with all my ills. I tripped you up along the way, but I did my best. I will manipulate you, but I did my best. I will be a coward but I did my best. Reprehensible!

“I feel guilty”  Guilt  drips with the blood of the martyr. The parent stands proudly  in martyrdom bearing the cross of guilt rather than the cross they damn well need to pick up:  responsibility! A grotesque excuse for cowardice veiled in self-absorbed vainglory.


Seems my experiment has released my inner rant.

Love to all…


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