Day 84: My Experiment

Day 84: My Experiment

October 8, 2018

The discipline of suffering, of great suffering – do you not know that it is this discipline alone that has produced all the elevations of humanity so far?

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 7, Our Virtues, Friedrich Nietzsche


My legs have had another relapse-pain and tightness returned. Though a lot of changes are still in effect:

1- Wearing different shoes result tension and pain. Upon returning to shoes the legs get used to then the pain reduces quite quickly. Wore very flat shoes yesterday and walked like a toddler. Back into a pair that have an arch and I can walk better.

2- Despite the return of tension and pain I can lift my legs onto a chair to stretch a bit.

3-I continue to have an increase in bend when I sit down.

4- EXCITING: I sat on a chair and was able to cross my legs for about 10 minutes. I have not crossed my legs since 2013.

5-I can bend my left leg to put on a sock. Right leg persists. I need to lay it straight then lean over. I thank the Gods daily that I have been able to touch my toes throughout.

6-I gave myself permission to have alcohol for Thanksgiving. In the end I had no interest in alcohol. Wonderful there are no cravings on fat and meat.


Love to all…

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