Day 81: My Experiment

Oct 5, 2018  Photo by Foundry on Pixabay

Nice and cool last night for a wonderful sleep. I am listening to a question and answer You Tube video with Stephan Molyneux. He questions in a similar way to BreakThrough. How exciting someone is doing the work!

I have a study group on the 18th of October at 10AM Eastern time if anyone is interested in being part of the group you can email:

We will be doing the work that has had the greatest impact on my healing. Most of us defend the mind and its beliefs. We cannot shed light on the wounds that lay in wait for a catalyst. Once catalyzed, our conflicts, we wonder what is happening and desperately want the catalyst to stop, the defensive mind blames the catalyst- friends, family, a stranger or some inanimate object. Of course it never works. The wounds only hide in waiting for their next moment to signal to us, I am here, see me, set me free! All the while the defensive mind thinks it is safe to keep the wounds suppressed. As sunlight is the best disinfectant bringing the wounds, that keep us in the same old patterns, to the light. Then we are free.

Stephan Molyneux and Criticism: The title of the podcast is misleading.

Stephan uses philosophy to break through the defensive mind. A longer and more arduous process of seeking truth than BreakThrough but well worth a listen.


Love to all…

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