Day 107: My Experiment

  Day 107: My Experiment Wednesday Oct 31 2018 Happy Halloween  Photo by kellepics on Pixabay Responsibility: the ability to respond. Connotations for responsibility are often: a burden, have to, must, should, guilt or some such ill defined terminology. We drape ourselves in the victim hood of these connotations limiting ourselves and life. Simultaneously we […]

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Day 106: My Experiment

Day 106: My Experiment Tuesday October 30th, 2018       Photo By Kellepics on Pixabay “In every conflict there is an element of self-betrayal.”                                      -Esther Veltheim Whether conscious or unconscious, when our beliefs, masks or identities are betrayed, somewhere […]

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Day 105: My Experiment

  Day 105: My Experiment Monday Oct 29, 2018                 Photo by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay Archetype of the Vampire Mother The eagle pushes the eaglet out of the nest encouraging autonomy and the survival of the species. The Vampire Mother micromanages, indoctrinates, and ultimately vicariously lives through the […]

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Day 104: My Experiment

  Day 104: My Experiment Oct 28, 2018      Photo by Pixalli on Pixabay   Divide and conquer.    Why does “divide and conquer” work so well?    The mind does not think. Certainly, thoughts run hither thither through the mind, but thinking it does not do. If you ask yourself: Where do thoughts […]

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Day 103: My Experiment

Day 103: My Experiment Oct 27, 2018  Photo by Fuzz on Pixabay Political correctness is not benign but rather a cancerous plight on the ability to think. It derails childlike clarity of speech by mutating it into obfuscated serial dishonesty. Acquiescence to the truncated head of truth devolves into corruption, manipulation, and aggression. Further suffocating the […]

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Day 102: My Experiment

Day 102: My Experiment Oct 26, 2018   Photo by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay           The oncoming full moon, the experiment, and years of self-inquiry has slowly, steadily peeled back layers of self-abnegating people pleasing. Martyrization has eroded the doubt and mental machinations that defended against integrity in the name of “what the […]

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