Day 60: My Experiment

Day 60: My Experiment Sept 14, 2018   Photo By OpenClipart-Vectors In preparation for teaching the next 3 days and a public talk tonight I had a half day of work yesterday (5am-11am). This gave me the energy to do some crunches and weighted leg lifts. I did about 100 leg lifts (different kinds) and 100 […]

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Day 59: My Experiment

Day 59: My Experiment Sept 13, 2018 I have been up since 4:30AM. I slept 9 hour! I had a few other proteins for dinner, bacon, some cheese and shrimp. I feel great this morning. It will be interesting to see if I can remain awake longer. This needs for rest feels connected to the […]

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Day 58: My Experiment

Day 58: My Experiment  Photo by 12019 I have been crashing heavily for the last week or so. Today is the first day in awhile I resisted getting up. I ate more than usual yesterday between 800 – 1000 grams of meat including: cheese (20grams of the total), and 3 bacon slices. I think I […]

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Day 57: My Experiment

Day 57: My Experiment Sept 11, 2018  Photo by johnhain I had a few flashbacks this morning. Just 9 months ago I could hardly get out of bed. Just 57 days ago I was using the walls to walk around the house. I got down the stairs holding my breath, the wall, the railing, to […]

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Day 56: My Experiment

Day 56: My Experiment Sept 10, 2018 Photo by Suc   Today is one of those incredible mornings. I woke up from the best sleep in possibly over a decade maybe longer. Angie Tourani in Hong kong gave me a session this past week which is inevitably powerful. She is the one who saved my […]

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Day 55: My Experiment

Day 55: My Experiment Sept 9, 2018 The pain was significantly reduced yesterday. We were invited to dinner and I had a about 100 grams of no carb cheese. I am waiting to see the results. So far so good. Of course socializing tends to amp up HSP and feeling as though I have a […]

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Day 54: My Experiment

Day 54: My Experiment Sept 8, 2018 I have been back on only meat for a few days now. The pain today is way down. I feel more flexible. It appears that anything other than meat, fat, water, salt and a bit of coffee cause inflammation. I now have a mantra when I eat the […]

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Day 53: My Experiment

Day 53: My Experiment Sept 7, 2018  Photo of my wild garden. Just one day without mustard and the itching is down about 50%. I ate about 500grams of meat yesterday and quite hungry this morning. Since working clinic on Wednesday by belly has been bloated. Seems to be a bit less inflamed today. It […]

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Day 51 & 52 : My Experiment

Day 51 &52 : My Experiment Sept 5-6, 2018  Photo by NeuPaddy I was in clinic yesterday. I could not get everything done hence 2 days of my experiment in one go. I am still very itchy with several rashes on my body. I am certain it is the mustard so I will finally cut […]

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