Day 69: My Experiment

Day 69: My Experiment. Sept 23, 2018  Photo by NeuPaddy on Pixabay It is the first day of Autumn. My body has been feeling the change in weather and light. After the burst of energy in the last 2 weeks I finally landed by resting for hours yesterday. I ate my fill which was grounding. […]

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Day 68: My Experiment

Day 68: My Experiment Sept 22, 2018    Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels. The schedule I have in place has supported CFS, pain, and subsequent brain fog. I realized yesterday I might just be able to change that and add some movement. I got out yesterday to vote then shop for groceries. So lovely […]

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Day 67: My Experiment

Day 67: My Experiment Sept 21, 2018 I overdid it yesterday. I worked from the wee hours of the morning. By 4pm I was beat and the pain came back. My brain was functioning so well I stayed too long on the computer sorting through the Mesopotamian God Marduk and working. A 12 hour day […]

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Day 66: My Experiment

Day 66: My Experiment Sept 20, 2018  Photo by Geralt on Pixabay Brain function has increased once again. Post teaching for 4 days I usually have several days of brain fog and decrease the amount of sessions I give. I actually increased the work load though careful not to overdo. The diet along with the […]

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Day 65: My Experiment

Day 65: My Experiment Sept 19, 2018  Photo by Victoria_Borodinova on Pixabay It is pretty incredible that this is day 64. As I look back I marvel at the progress. In the past 6 years once a course was done I could hardly function. Sleeping, sleeping, more sleeping, brain fog, and inability to move. Yesterday […]

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BreakThrough 1: List of courses for 2018-2019 Click here: BreakThrough 1 For my journey click here For more about Terryann click here. BreakThrough is experiential. It is an interactive process that evolves as you do the work. The pre-programming and pre-conditioning you received in childhood are the operating systems that run through your connectome. You […]

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Day 64: My Experiment

Day 64: My Experiment Sept 18, 2018   Photos by Free-Photos on Pixabay The last 4 days of teaching has shown me how much I have healed in only a few months. I had the energy of a younger me. I used to do the work into the wee hours of the night. I was able […]

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Day 63: My Experiment

Day 63: My Experiment Sept 17, 2018  Photo by Geralt It’s incredible but today is day 3 of teaching and my legs work! Oh joy of bliss to be able to move and do the work I love. I added eggs, cheese and some whipping cream to my day and I am feeling amazing. The […]

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Day 62: My Experiment

Day 62: My Experiment Sept 16, 2018 Photo by Gellinger Amazing day yesterday. The TENS, one aspirin, and my legs started working after a few hours after waking. I am very impressed. I have not felt so good after a day of class since 2011! Up this morning and feel nice an flexible-well flexible for […]

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Day 61: My Experiment

Day 61: My Experiment Sept 15, 2018   Photo By Zac Frith I am a holy mess from the hips down. I lifted grocery bags and moved furniture for the course this weekend. Well as you can imagine my legs are sticks again and in pain.  I am quite flabbergasted as I have done more other […]

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