Day 70: My Experiment

Sept 24, 2018 Photo by RyanMcGuire On Pixabay

I walked 1.57KM yesterday outside! The results are some pain and stiffness in the right leg and some cracking and pain in the left hip joint. It is almost 9am and feeling good. I have not worn my TENS in a few days but will do so today. I am recovering quite quickly unlike the last few years of days and days without any sign of recovery. Joy oh bliss.

I have a BodyTalk session with Ben Manalo tomorrow and John Veltheim’s last group session on pain Wednesday. I am very excited to see the result of those two sessions.

Zutta Codjoe has also done some Reiki (yesterday) and the benefits are apparent today in the hip joints especially. Britt Jorgenson also did some work that gave me a nice boost last week. Barbara Matszynska also does Reiki and massage for me once a week that is deeply relaxing.

Thank you all my healing helpers! You have been a God send over the last years.

Time to do some more reading on myths and fairy tales. The intricate connection between our journey and the wisdom of these tales are healing in themselves.

I am thinking of making a podcast on Cinderella. Stay tuned for those podcasts. I am sure you will find them as healing as I have.


Love to all

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