Day 68: My Experiment

Sept 22, 2018    Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.

The schedule I have in place has supported CFS, pain, and subsequent brain fog. I realized yesterday I might just be able to change that and add some movement. I got out yesterday to vote then shop for groceries. So lovely to move around rather than sitting at the computer for hours on end.  Imagine only 3 months ago going for groceries required:


1- Lots of rest


3-All of my strength to hold back my tears

4-My full concentration to hold myself up and not collapse on the ground or have a pain spasm.

5-Shop at one store.

6-Internally freak out in pain till I got a shopping cart.

7-Drop myself into the seat of the car. Twice.

8-Pull myself out of the car using both my arms and hands.Twice

9-Walk up and down stairs.

10-Get home and put away groceries (before that my partner did it)

11-collapse on the sofa and not move till the next day.

12- Oh and lest I forget, I had a limp.

What miraculous changes. Animal protein is healing the pain and BodyTalk is taking care of Chronic fatigue. Of course changing my life entirely was a huge catalyst to all of these changes, without that nothing was working long term. Goes to show you it is the whole picture not just one thing.


Love to all


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