Day 67: My Experiment

Sept 21, 2018

I overdid it yesterday. I worked from the wee hours of the morning. By 4pm I was beat and the pain came back. My brain was functioning so well I stayed too long on the computer sorting through the Mesopotamian God Marduk and working. A 12 hour day that was both wonderful and painful.

Marduk has eyes all around his head. He is all seeing, all knowing. This morning Marduk is with me. The greater the ignorance the greater the responsibility I take for myself and my experience. It is clear that suffering is alleviated by responsibility or at the minimum I do not make it worse. If I turn a blind eye to caring  for the self, like the Gods, I fall from the heavens. This fall is not miserable as the adventure is to reveal consciously awareness of my ignorance and subsequent pragmatism. Through a deep responsibility ignorance is transmuted  into wisdom and  healing.  It might boggle the mind and all its parameters how quickly the pain is transmuted once responsibility  is taken my ignorance. Alchemy is unbeknownst to the mind. Once I have the ingredients and proper catalyst alchemy can occur. Magic.

This morning is lovely in the fresh morning air. Even though autumn is upon us, my legs are responding with expansion. The pain is going and I have more eyes to see what requires my responsibility.

Love to all

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