Day 66: My Experiment

Sept 20, 2018  Photo by Geralt on Pixabay

Brain function has increased once again. Post teaching for 4 days I usually have several days of brain fog and decrease the amount of sessions I give. I actually increased the work load though careful not to overdo.

The diet along with the CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) sessions by Dr. John Veltheim and the BodyTalk System as well as the BreakThrough system by Esther Veltheim have been the magical work that got me to this diet. Esther has been a godsend supporting my journey. She has told me over and over that it is my will, dedication, and commitment to the work that did it. It has finally sunk in.

I can partly cross my leg, not a total crossing of my legs but I can get the calf over the knee slightly. I can feel the sacrum opening up. My body is straighter from the core. I can bend and lift things. I am able to move about the house with ease. I am still wobbly on the stairs but it is coming. My clothing is slowly falling off. The cellulite in my legs that started 2 years before I knew I was poisoned has diminished by 60%.  My belly has flattened. I notice a huge difference having only meat yesterday (chicken and red meat) with a small amount of no carb cream in my coffee. I ate two small meals only. Lunch at 4pm 250 grams of meat. Dinner 400 grams of meat. Still hard to get the ground meat down. Rashes  (eczema) have diminished. I take one St. John’s Wort per day. I am also taking testosterone. It had little effect last time. Once I finish the bottle I will be able to tell if it has been helping.

I am to see the Doctor next month but I may postpone to depending on improvement. That way I can see if my body is producing hormones. So far no answer on the test results before I started meat/keto.  That is supposed to be a good sign but one never knows with our busy medical system.

All in all I am so surprised at how well I am moving, feeling, and thinking. I hardly remember the days of pain. They are as if a dream. I continue to caution myself not to overdo. This can be only called a miracle. If I had not crashed I would be telling another Story. The choices I make in “service to self” open up a whole new world of opportunity. The choices I make in service to the mind has only limited my opportunities. Breaking the spell of my mind has changed everything.


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