BreakThrough 1:

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A drip here,a drop there, conserve water with care.

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BreakThrough is experiential. It is an interactive process that evolves as you do the work. The pre-programming and pre-conditioning you received in childhood are the operating systems that run through your connectome. You think these programs are real. You think you are thinking. The spell of the mind is powerful. It keeps defending your programs to keep you safe. But when you finally realize that ‘enough is enough’ this is not working. There must be a better way. You are ready to learn to think for yourself. That means you are no longer want to be run by the same old patterns. The same old thinking over and over.


Imagine what it would be like to be free of the programming and eslavement to its false notions about yourself and your life. You have been walking around on your belly under the tyranny of your mind. Imagine that is no more. Ahh a breath of fresh air. This work requires only your commitment to yourself.


Join us on this powerful journey to “knowing self”


Looking forward to working with you.

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