Day 56: My Experiment

Sept 10, 2018 Photo by Suc


Today is one of those incredible mornings. I woke up from the best sleep in possibly over a decade maybe longer. Angie Tourani in Hong kong gave me a session this past week which is inevitably powerful. She is the one who saved my life in 2008 I think.

T am sitting out in the cool morning and a flood of memories arise. All the pushing I did. The work always being more important than any of my needs. All that has dissipated and I can hardly recognize who I was. I cannot imagine where I will be when I answer every call to my own needs.

My legs are working this morning. I am nowhere near the goal of squatting down on my haunches but I can certainly move better than ever.

I did add some bacon to my meal yesterday not having realized I hadn’t enough food for the day. The addition so far has not been problematic. Meat is on the stove, bison burgers defrosting in the refrigerator readying for the long week ahead.

I continue to be exhausted in the early afternoon but John Veltheim is starting sessions on CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) this week. I am very excited to see the results of those sessions and any tidbits that will support my healing.

Ahhh I breathe a sigh of relief today. What a pleasure to walk around the house with minimal pain. I am going to walk around the block today and see what transpires.

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