Day 55: My Experiment

Sept 9, 2018

The pain was significantly reduced yesterday. We were invited to dinner and I had a about 100 grams of no carb cheese. I am waiting to see the results. So far so good.

Of course socializing tends to amp up HSP and feeling as though I have a hangover. Maybe toxins moving through the body. I am in a weird clothing phase too. I put a skirt on and was swimming in it-one I have never worn- a new skirt ready to be given away as I slowly shrink. Anyone need a fancy XL skirt that has not been worn? check the photo.

I have some work to do today and hoping I will have the energy to do some exercise. Even though my energy is up I still do not have enough to put exercise in my daily routine. Just enough energy to work and get around the house a bit. By the time the afternoon comes it is harder to move about.

As the BreakThrough 1 weekend fast approaches I feel contentment that I will be back in the energy of the work I love so dearly. Ahhh to heal and be able to teach this work more often again. Like a cool glass of water in the desert

love to all


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