Day 51 &52 : My Experiment

Sept 5-6, 2018  Photo by NeuPaddy

I was in clinic yesterday. I could not get everything done hence 2 days of my experiment in one go.

I am still very itchy with several rashes on my body. I am certain it is the mustard so I will finally cut it out today for good. Now I will have to get the meat down with plain salt. Ahh not easy.

I felt extremely fragile yesterday even from the time I awoke. I have a refreshed look at how taxing clinic is even before I see everyone. My body was a block of stiffness and pain by the end of the day. Most of the day I was shaky.  Usually the day after clinic I am confused and shaky. Well today is no exception. Of course the new run of events is that I do not push myself. Yippeee..

“Do not push life about” Nisargadatta.


#allmeat #keto #healingjourney #weightlossjourney #inspiration #leurbanretreat #bodytalk #breakthrough #healing #meat #love #relating #relationship #relationshipwithself #allergens #food #nopushing #gentleness #gentle #love #loveyourself


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