Day 50: My Experiment

Sept 4, 2018  Photo by Wortflow

My legs are struggling more since I have been testing other proteins. I am hoping there will be more positive changes as the body goes back to only meat. Buuuttt I am having  a bit of difficulty with all meat, I could not resist my partner’s chicken last night:-(

I hear the words of my friend and teacher, Esther Veltheim- be gentle and rest, rest, rest.

I will start again today and see if I can get back to just meat. Man it ain’t easy.

Love to all.

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  1. Hello Terryann,

    Even when I haven’t been in touch I think of you and wish you strength in your experiment. Not easy!!!!!! Wow! Lots of determination and gentleness to yourself.

    I just wish a professional is following your development like with a blood test to avoid other issues. I’m sure you know about this.

    So looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Best wishes and lots of love,



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