Day 48: My Experiment

Sept 2, 2018

I went on an outing yesterday, brunch with friends. The menu was limited so I had a keto day. Eggs and bacon then later in the evening  hamburger. I walked about an hour or so. Mostly browsing in shops and along the outdoor market.  At 3pm the pain came on full force. My whole body felt like it was going to fall apart.

I got home and could hardly walk around the apartment. Last night’s sleep was miserable as well, hot then cold from the pain in my legs.

Now I cannot figure out whether it was the eggs or walking. Of course it is both but I am more curious about the egg/bacon impact.  In any case the days I have meat everything seems better, though eating eggs and bacon is so much tastier.

I am going to look for Tallow today and see if there are some other cuts of beef I can learn to cook this week.

At least noticing the difference when I change proteins is a great indicator of the healing quality of meat or that possibly meat is the only thing I am not allergic or intolerant to..

Photo is of the Henna Tattoo I got yesterday

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