Day 47: My Experiment

September 1, 2018   Photo by Activedia

Happy September everyone. I can hardly believe the summer is flying by so quickly.

I had only meat yesterday. It has cleared my head again exhaustion, confusion and  pain have decreased significantly in a single day of only meat. I noticed this time that if I have eggs, bacon, and/or cheese, I start a cycle of confusion. My body does not feel right, pain increases, gut feels heavy, the whole body feels heavy, and I cannot think straight. I become hungrier as well. Adding seems to increase hunger. Also I am using mustard which may cause some issues though it helps the meat go down.

It seems it is time to start learning about: different cuts of meat, ways of cooking and using tallow.  There has to be a way to make meat more appetizing. The benefits far outweigh the nausea I experience when eating meat. I do hope that my revulsion dissipates and I learn to love meat. That first piece of steak is quite good then every bite after is unpleasant. Time to get cracking on recipes!

This step backward whist adding new foods has highlighted that pain reduction is inextricably linked to eating only red meat.


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