Day 76: My Experiment

Day 76: My Experiment Sept 29, 2018 Photo by Kellepics on Pixabay I walked 3 blocks yesterday slowly but steadily. The pain was minimal afterward seeing as it only was 3 blocks. My brain was the best in years. I have been able to edit the Tarot manual. I am halfway through and  am hoping […]

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Day 75: My Experiment

Day 75: My Experiment Sept 29, 2018  Photo by Comfreak on Pixbay I was able to read a book yesterday. After a full day of computer reading I have found it reading difficult for my brain A lovely change. Physically table this morning. The cycle of “not hungry” has returned. The body has been voiding […]

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Day 74: My Experiment

Day 74: My Experiment Sept 28, 2018  Photo by intographics on Pixabay A short one today. I received my BodyTalk session last night. I am in the aftermath of its effects this morning. Lots of stuff going on in the nervous system. have a lovely day, love to all  

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Day 73: My Experiment

Day 73: My Experiment Sept 27, 2018 The body is stable, sort of at a plateau. This stabilization is also permitting strength to rise. Nice feeling. The nervous system and brain are functioning better and better. The limited hours of being able to think properly are expanding into many hours during the day. I is […]

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Day 72: My Experiment

Day 72: My Experiment Sept 26, 2018  Photo by Comfreak on Pixabay A bit of a strange week. I have been hungrier than usual. Yesterday Ben Manalo gave me a BodyTalk session with the new BodyTalk techniques. I fell asleep sitting up by 8PM. This morning up bright and early. I had an urgent bowel […]

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Day 71: My Experiment

Day 71: My Experiment Sept 25, 2018  Photo by k_seergeevna on Pixabay A few changes: I have been hungriest in the last week than all of the 71 days since I started meat and segued to keto. My legs and back are struggling a bit, the worst of course is always the fatigue. I can […]

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Day 70: My Experiment

Day 70: My Experiment Sept 24, 2018 Photo by RyanMcGuire On Pixabay I walked 1.57KM yesterday outside! The results are some pain and stiffness in the right leg and some cracking and pain in the left hip joint. It is almost 9am and feeling good. I have not worn my TENS in a few days […]

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BreakThrough no Brasil

  Do tornar-se a Ser Vivemos todos para os outros. Queremos ser aprovados, apreciados e amados pelos outros. Todos possuímos milhares de obrigações e sabemos o que podemos ou não podemos fazer, inclusive a maneira de nos apresentarmos, o modo de pensar e nos comportarmos frente aos outros. Nenhuma dessas autocríticas objetiva trazer-nos a felicidade […]

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