Day 36: My Experiment

Day 36: My Experiment August 21, 2018 I am having a lot of trouble eating plain meat. The nausea overcomes me. This could be in combination with the accelerated pain since my outing on Sunday. So I decided to put bacon into the meat to make it palatable. It worked I was able to eat […]

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Day 36: My Experiment

Day 36: My experiment August 20, 2018 I had a huge day yesterday. Drove to Ottawa. Walked the museum for 1.5hours! Then had a deep tissue massage. Oh could hardly move after all that. Then went to the spa baths. It was hard getting up and down the stairs. I got home exhausted and limping […]

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Day 35: My Experiment

Day 35: My Experiment I have an early start today as I have been invited to a day spa by a dear friend of mine.  It is very early and my brain isn’t awake yet. Maybe a day away from the computer and work will help the healing along. I feel tired even though I […]

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Starting Tuesday the 21st at 1PM EST

We will be working with all kinds of lumps, bumps, and bulges. Often when overweight we become cystic  though you thin ones do not think you remain unscathed. Genetics, lifestyle, emotions, overthinking, belief systems and active memory can be part of the creation of lumps, bumps and bulges in all different forms. I already have had some wonderful insights to […]

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Day 34: My Experiment

Day 34: My Experiment August 18, 2018 I added ACV to the meat along with Dijon mustard. It seems to be fine so far. No increase in pain. Stool was formed for the first time in 33 days. Possibly the ACV is required to reduce diarrhea. I used  the TENS all day yesterday. Today I […]

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Day 33: My Experiment

Day 33: My Experiment August 17, 2018 I started the TENS yesterday. I think I notice a difference. I can now to do some stretches, breathing, and the TENS then my legs actually work. What a nice result on Day 33. As some of you know 33 is a master number and denotes abundance. I […]

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Day 32: My Experiment

Day 32: My Experiment Thursday the 16th of August 2018 I added Dijon mustard to my minced meat last night. I feel great except I had flatulence this morning. Since I started all meat flatulence has been rare. I also tried to cross my legs whilst laying down last night. I still cannot but for […]

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Day 31: My experiment

Day 31: My experiment. August 15, 2018 Things have cleared up from nausea. I ended up fasting for 24 hours yesterday and fasting 19 hours from yesterday to today. Legs are awful but I  saw some clients in person which is tough on me no matter how wonderful the sessions. Today I had a busy […]

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Day 30 My Experiment:

My Experiment: Day 30 August 14, 2018 Ok I made it to the 30th day. I celebrated with a bout of the runs and lots of nausea. Now that it is over I am ready to continue for another 30 days. The transformations outweigh the disadvantages. Also I intuit that the toxins, lead, antimony and […]

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