Day 40: My Experiment

Day 40: My Experiment Aug 25, 2018 Good Morning All. I am going to try some eggs this morning and see what transpires. All in all yesterday was quite good. Though my head was a bit foggy by 2pm. I lay down from about 2pm learning to use some Apps, answering emails and so forth. […]

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Day 38 & 39: My Experiment

DAy 38 & 39: My Experiment August 23, 24, 2018   Photo by Larissa_K It is hard for me to believe but I actually did so much moving around yesterday that I thought I had written the blog post. Not. I was able to put a carpet out on the back railing and scrub it with […]

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Day 37: My Experiment

Day 37: My Experiment August 22, 2018  (photo by Alexas_Photos) I used my TENS all day yesterday. When I remove it it is harder to walk. I even lifted a cement planter with my partner yesterday. I was so surprised I could do it. I still get tired early but can certainly last longer than […]

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Day 36: My Experiment

Day 36: My Experiment August 21, 2018 I am having a lot of trouble eating plain meat. The nausea overcomes me. This could be in combination with the accelerated pain since my outing on Sunday. So I decided to put bacon into the meat to make it palatable. It worked I was able to eat […]

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Day 36: My Experiment

Day 36: My experiment August 20, 2018 I had a huge day yesterday. Drove to Ottawa. Walked the museum for 1.5hours! Then had a deep tissue massage. Oh could hardly move after all that. Then went to the spa baths. It was hard getting up and down the stairs. I got home exhausted and limping […]

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Day 35: My Experiment

Day 35: My Experiment I have an early start today as I have been invited to a day spa by a dear friend of mine.  It is very early and my brain isn’t awake yet. Maybe a day away from the computer and work will help the healing along. I feel tired even though I […]

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