Day 46: My Experiment

Aug 31, 2018

This past week I have been hungry. I have eaten more this past 6 days than the previous 40 days. I am not sure what all that means. The extra food did not give me more energy either. I am unsure what to make of this phase. I want to eat pure meat again, but my body struggles to eat only beef. Yesterday I ate: Ground meat for breakfast and lunch, a snack of cheese and bacon, dinner was pork souvlaki’s on a stick. First time I have had 3 meals and a snack. This morning I feel good though the hips are sore. Change in weather? The exercise I did the other day?

Also cramping has not been an issue till this week, yesterday I took magnesium. Cramping gone. I also started St. John’s Wort, finally arrived. I decided that I would take a series and see how the eczema does.

All in all this was a tough week energy wise. I think not having energy is worse than the pain. I can handle the pain when I have energy but not having energy really really sucks.


#allmeat #keto #healingjourney #weightlossjourney #inspiration #leurbanretreat #bodytalk #breakthrough #healing #meat #love #relating #relationship #relationshipwithself

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