Day 45: My Experiment

August 30, 2018

I walked 2 blocks this morning. Tripped only 2 times as my legs stiffened. Granted there is a lot of construction, rocks, and uneven roads but I did it. Also doing laundry which is in the basement.

Had a bowl of meat, 100 grams of no carb cheese and 4 bacon yesterday. Today I will keep to all meat but again I am avoiding breakfast even though hungry.  Water first then onto meat.

I also used the weights again on my ankles last night. I could not walk much afterward but today much better. Lots of hope!

I had some cancellations today, usually denoting I need a break from work. Going to take it slow and easy. See if I can get the legs to move a bit more.

As this old city repairs it parallels my own repair eh?

Love to all

#keto #healingjourney #bodytalk #breakthrough #selflove #love #relating #weightlossjourney #relationshipwithself #goodlife #love

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