Day 44: My Experiment.  Photo by annca

This is the longest bout, 4 days, wherein I have been hungry. I added eggs again with some cheese and bacon. About 15minutes afterward my skin started to itch, the pain increased, and bloated belly. It is a lot better this morning but back to all meat. That was the first big reaction since trying to go Keto rather than all meat. It appears the healing is in the meat and fat. Going to try again all meat but so hard to get it down.


I also did not put on my TENS for very long yesterday. Back on today. When I overwork my mind at the weekends then the work week becomes more difficult. Such a fine balance eh?

The Lumps, bumps and bulges sessions were profound. Some reactions were deep release, drainage and so forth. For myself it feels like something is trying to move out but taking its time.


Love to all..


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