Day 41: My Experiment

August 26, 2018

My legs continue to increase in movement. The results are mildly perceptible to others but are notable to myself. Last night I had eggs for dinner. Today and during the night I found my sinus’ filling up.

Today I will have only meat once again to clear things up. I did rest a lot yesterday. Today I realize that eating so little during the week has decreased my energy levels. Eating 2 full meals yesterday and a snack has booted up my energy today. The feeling of fragility has dissipated.

It is 10AM and I am not yet hungry but can move about the house quite nicely. I find I can read a little. When on vacation I can read ceaselessly but once back at work, reading online, emails and so on I find I cannot read even a sentence from 5PM onward.

I will work intermittently, interspersing the day with resting my mind. Though I have so many creative ideas I want to implement. One baby step at a time.

Photo by cocoparisienne

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