Day 40: My Experiment

Aug 25, 2018

Good Morning All. I am going to try some eggs this morning and see what transpires. All in all yesterday was quite good. Though my head was a bit foggy by 2pm. I lay down from about 2pm learning to use some Apps, answering emails and so forth.

There are a few symptoms that I have decided to deal with in another way. Someone mentioned he healed severe eczema, way more than I have, with St. John’s wort. I decided to order some and start a few rounds of SJW. Secondly, some menopausal symptoms are problematic so I decided to take the round of Testosterone that I had stopped and see if there is any impact. Secondly, I have been using hypericum suppositories sporadically but now will make a concerted effort. Can you tell I have more energy? Yippeee.

Between the TENS, daily hypericum treatments, sporadic stretching, BodyTalk, and plain taking care of myself things are slowly shifting. Even though it is hard to walk today, my pelvic basin, hips and legs give me electric shocks, I continue to deduce this as a consequence of more movement. Oh, the lower back is achy, which rarely happens, I consider this a sign of a loosening of the block of muscle in the pelvic basin and hips. It is as though the area between my knees and navel has been melting slowly.

I thought today. Would this keto diet have worked beforehand. I get a resounding no since I have tired it several times to no avail. What was the biggest LINK in the chain of events for healing has been changing my work. Even with an added stress of having debt for the first time, that is nothing compared to ignoring my needs, putting myself last, neglecting myself. I consider my debt a huge investment in myself. Of course finally seeing results is super helpful.


Love you all for observing. We know how powerful observation is in the healing process.

(off to try eggs? or not?)


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