Day 36: My Experiment

August 21, 2018

I am having a lot of trouble eating plain meat. The nausea overcomes me. This could be in combination with the accelerated pain since my outing on Sunday. So I decided to put bacon into the meat to make it palatable. It worked I was able to eat part of my meat dinner with the bacon.

Today woke up with a swollen face. An inevitable outcome from exhaustion and the salt of the bacon. But I felt stronger and better able to deal with the leg pain. Also had a bit of weight loss after about a week of staying steady in the same place.

I want to keep on all meat but the smell, taste, texture, everything about it is causing nausea. I dream of eating only nuts. The dreams are becoming more vivid. Might be a sign. Steady and slow, day by day. If only the legs would get better. One day at a time.


#keto #healingjourney #healingpain #weightlossjourney #experimenting on myself #bodytalk #breakthrough #food #diet #whattoeat #insulinresistance #painandfood

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