Day 34: My Experiment

August 18, 2018

I added ACV to the meat along with Dijon mustard. It seems to be fine so far. No increase in pain. Stool was formed for the first time in 33 days. Possibly the ACV is required to reduce diarrhea.

I used  the TENS all day yesterday. Today I started  it on my piriformis muscles. I have also noticed that I can wake up all stiff and in pain but after a bit of movement I start to feel more fluid. The body usually went in the other direction, stiff to stiffer.

I need some time for myself to do my exercises. Juggling the use of my energy, work, and being able to do my exercises is a constant.

I had a revelation this morning: I may never get the energy back that I  used to have. The latter may have been obvious to the reader but not for myself. Of course we all know we cannot see ourselves, just the way it is. In any case, it was and is a huge relief to finally download the obvious. A lot of space opened up since this stressful expectation came to light. Those darned sub-conscious expectations pressure us so much, once daylight disinfects them the tension is dissipated.  Maybe my butt muscles will let go too?!


#keto #healingpain #painrelief #TENS #weightlossjourney #stoppain #allmeat #insulinresistant #exhaustion #energyloss #preservenergy #me


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