Day 33: My Experiment

August 17, 2018

I started the TENS yesterday. I think I notice a difference. I can now to do some stretches, breathing, and the TENS then my legs actually work. What a nice result on Day 33. As some of you know 33 is a master number and denotes abundance. I am taking all I can get today:-)

I also feel smooooooth today. My body feels smoooothhh actually the muscles do. I feel as though I have turned to fluid. The first hour upon rising was heavier but after some movement, tapping, breathing, I started to feel myself becoming fluid. I am really enjoying this feeling. Interesting but I haven’t the tension in my nervous system that I usually do. I have the Tens attached to me as well. hummmmm we shall see. This Tens might just be the something something that could get the muscles to relax.

Hip joints still do not rotate towards the midline when I lay down. But the thighs can open up. I am dreaming of one day doing the splits again. How cool would that be?

ok off to enjoy this smooootttthhhh day.

Bisous, Kisses, Bejinhos, Filakia  to all

Photo by Humusak on Pixabay

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