Day 32: My Experiment

Thursday the 16th of August 2018

I added Dijon mustard to my minced meat last night. I feel great except I had flatulence this morning. Since I started all meat flatulence has been rare.

I also tried to cross my legs whilst laying down last night. I still cannot but for the first time I could use a 1/3 of my leg strength against my arms. The hip joint released a bit. Possibly 2-3 millimetres an improvement.

The pain is still there. The big change is that the pain is not one big block of pain from the waist down. It travels a lot more. Now I never know what leg I will be limping on. As the shearing pain travels from one leg to another or into the hip or down the back or maybe just the anterior thigh or IT band. More than one area can be affected but the big blessing is that it is not whole lower body. Another huge blessing is that I had very limited time with solely lower body pain. Once I would go to work or do something soon enough the whole body would lock down in pain. This, knocking on wood now, has not happened since this diet.

Noteworthy is that I am eating less and less and I am just fine. Since my last meal on Monday I have had 3 small bowls of minced meat. I do put butter and coconut oil in my coffee which gives me the energy boost I need even if  decaffeinated.  I certainly have enough fat reserves for my body to consume.

I still feel sensitive to everything. I use headphones to plug my ears most of the day. As I deal with people on a consistent basis I find my nervous system stressed out easily. I am implementing time outs for myself as soon as I feel a modicum of stress. It is working nicely.

Well off to the dentist. My gums were improved at my last visit.. Then I was on the metabolic balance diet. Let’s see what happens today.  Also I am going to go without my cane-good idea, bad idea..we shall see.

Photo by ArmyAmber on Pixabay

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