Day 29: My Experiment

August 13, 2018

Ok so I lifted a television yesterday, carried it down a flight of stairs, and loaded it in the car! Whoo hoo that was new. Also spend a few hours shopping, it was not easy but I got it done without the use of a carriage nor my cane.

Still feeling nauseous. I might have dehydrated today. It was really hot. Oh and I had some spices on my steak. I am not sure what that will do in the next few days. Fingers crossed it is just fine. It will help with steak to have some spice. Right now mostly eating ground meat. I still have the gag reflex going when I eat a steak.

I ordered a Tens. That might get things moving as well.

#keto #allmeat #myhealingjourney #weightlossjourney #me #weightloss #pain

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