Day 28: My Experiment    August 12, 2018

I cycled back into tiredness and nausea the last 30 hours. Some other emissions I won’t describe this Sunday morning. I feel much better today. The bouts of tiredness and weakness are less. I still do too much when I have energy. I need to slow the heck down.

I do not eat much either. For the first time I have had cravings, I want vegetables the sound, taste and feel of them. Today that feeling has gone.

There is a cycle where the body becomes a inflamed, full, nauseated, and heavy headed. It used to be the majority of the time. Presently it occurred twice in a week. Friday starting at 2pm and Saturday all day long. I could hardly remain standing after 2pm. Woke up feeling refreshed though my body feels as though it has been struck by a bus. It is 9:42AM now and slowly the body feels better. I have not done my exercises in about a week. All the extra movement resulted in a lack of energy for exercises.

All in all the last day and a half was not much fun but the days I feel better are amazing. I can think, dream, create, and finally implement some of those ideas.


#keto #allmeat #myweightlossjourney #myhealingjourney #stoppain #me #change #transformation #healing

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