Saturday the 11th of August 2018. Photo of my improving legs.


Day 27: My Experiment


My sensitivity continues to be at its maximum. I can go from relaxed to a high tension in seconds. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back occurs more than once a day. My whole central nervous system is on red alert.


As an HSP I have been taking steps to care for my sensitivity. Before the meat diet I had a good system in place to deal with over sensory stimulation. Now that the gut and head brain have cleared, and apparently operate more effectively, I need to be more sensitive to my senses.


As I contemplating new ways to protect my sensitive sensory apparatus I cannot help but be fascinated by how obvious it has been all along that fat was the best way my body could protect my senses. Of course that is an oversimplification, fat, inability to walk, pain, insulin resistance, slow weight loss etc.


My sensitivity has been a blessing and a curse. In 1968 The Empath aired on Star Trek. I can still remember her laying on the very plain set. Nothing around. I often think back to how the plain environment is essential to an empath.

As the fat is melts I no longer have that barrier of protection. Fat and insulin resistance, inability to lose weight have been ways my body protected me. (Insulin resistance and fat on TED by Dr. Attlia on TED ) If anyone has ideas to protect the nervous system let me know. Here are some of the ways I am committing to put into place. I had all these in place but when my energy spiked old habits came back and I went overboard.


  • Maximum 8 hour workday.
  • Take weekends off from answering emails and sessions. Only blogging
  • Take breaks every hour to breathe and check in on myself when working.
  • Get back to daily BodyTalk Access and stretches.
  • Stop answering every email!
  • Charge clients for extra work that I do or just do not do the work! This is so bloody hard but I have to do it.














  1. Hello Terryann,
    I have been following you when I can. I really like the new habits you are implementing! It is difficult I know – I am with you on that –
    Sending love n light and hope to get to Montreal this fall and look forward to a visit.
    Hugs n smiles


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