Day 25: My Experiment

-Photo by Pexels

Admittedly the pain is not so great today but I can walk and take the stairs at a turtle’s pace. The rest of my body is transforming. The shape is changing, arms, legs, and waistline. The quality of the pain is different. Instead of a sheet of pain and the stiffening of the whole muscular chain my body feels as though it wants to release. Ahhh it reminds me of being a kid and learning to do the splits.

Another change: I am enjoying eating meat this week. Granted I stick to ground beef cooked slowly in what is called a Rock pan or something to that effect. It really does a nice job. The meat is tender and melts in your mouth. A little butter and sometimes I add salt but not always. I cook large quantities and keep it in the fridge. On day 3 it isn’t as tasty so I am likely to add salt then. This has been another pleasant turn of events.

I also receiving a BodyTalk session from Angie Tourani in Hong Kong. If you ever need  a powerful session she is a gal I highly recommend. She actually saved my life in 2007 (i think). That is story for another time. Today the session went into an entity in the genitals. It felt like a final release of a drugging and gang rape I experienced in 1983 by an unknown number of black males.

Today feels like a new lease on life. I wonder what I will feel like in another Month from now. By the way, it is amazing but I look younger.

Well I am off to see the wizard.


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