August 8, 2018

Day 24: My Experiment:

I am late writing today. Why you may ask? So much has changed  almost imperceptibly over the last 4-5 days. Today a cumulative effect is significantly perceptible.  I have had good days and bad days over the last 6 years. Mostly bad days and one memorable good day in a 4 month period.

Since the all meat the good days are consecutive and last longer.  I have been doing quite well, 6/10 pain and some moments of 7/10 pain where I may need to hold furniture to move. What has truly changed is that I can contract my abs and or adductors and release the muscle!!!!! I can left my legs out of the bathtub after my shower without holding the wall t!!!

Since waking this morning:

I have been moving around, doing sessions, lifting myself without even noticing I have gone from one position to another! To move has been a concerted effort requiring all my strength. Today I get up without noticing I have moved. You cannot imagine how shocking this is. I am even surprised to realize how much of my energy, attention, brain power, time has been consumed with solely being able to stand up!


I am so grateful to Jordan Peterson and his daughter Michaela, Dr. Baker, and all the meat eaters for bringing this simple way to heal the gut and detoxify my body. I can hardly believe that finally something has created more permanent change. 5 days today!!! Wherein I can walk, move, GO OUT OF THE HOUSE!, move around my home, without succumbing to constant nagging pain!


Today I am working with the connectome in my brain to shift the memory program linking to habits around pain, avoiding pain, that my brain has developed in the last 6 years.


Now that is all amazing but one other thing that is so cool. My brain works better. The overwhelm is decreasing. I can handle simple stressors. This is obviously a predictable result from decreased pain   …   b..u..t…it is so freaking exciting to have a brain that works.

A possible deduction:

The lead poisoning certainly damaged the CNS and the meat is certainly healing the CNS.

Ever grateful for today.


Love to all





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