Day 23: My Experiment

Tuesday the 7th of August 2018    Photo by qimono

A sleepless night. I thought it was very strange till I received 2 sessions, BodyTalk and MM card session,  in my inbox this morning. Phew it blew my circuits.

Pain is about the same as yesterday(continued improvement) 4-6/10. My head is kinda funky from lack of sleep.

I am not sure if I have anything else to report or my heavy head is dull to changes! Ack!

Have a great day. I may check in later:-)



I’m back. I started today at 6AM. I am just winding down my day. I had some creative outputs, crazy deep sessions, and I feel quite marvellous. Despite belly bloating and inflammation. Though no increase in pain. Of course I was deep in the Zone all day and I tend to forget my body. Now I am going to relax and hydrate.

My nature is extreme hence I balance by going into the opposite extreme. Off to relax now. Oh and do some beauty treatment BodyTalk sessions. A little superficial treatments to support morale-yummy.

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