Day 22: August 6, 2018

My Experiment:

As I sit here in the sweltering heat, sweat dripping down my neck and back , I can only think how happy I am.

How such simple tasks bring joy…

I woke this morning to 4/10 pain. I organized a closet, cleaned up the kitchen, arranged the sofa cushions, made the bed without the ever present stabbing knives shooting through my legs. The extreme pain was sporadic and could be controlled by positioning my body and using core muscles.  Usually the pain makes the latter impossible no matter how hard I try.

That is the start of my day. I have a smile on my face. I have now had about 3 good days. Am curious to see if the cycle changes and I get longer bouts of feeling good.

What is also clear: The pain exhausts my body and mind, It is no wonder the need for rest comes on like a brick wall.


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