Day 20: My Experiment

August 5, 2018

The photo is of my rubber soled boots that help me walk ;and  those are my legs that have been living in pain. It is amazing that they do not look like anything is wrong with them. Such a peculiar thing eh. Today those legs are only throbbing in a low dull ache, how lovely to have these reprieves.

I am hoping to see a cycle. I hypothesize that when the body has a detox I have pain, drowsiness, and nausea. The last 5 days there has been nausea, long sleeps, and high pain levels when walking.  Small breaks in pain to about 6-7/10. I quantify 8-9/10 as being unable to walk without the support of walls, furniture, and holding my breath. Each step like searing knives till I can lay down again.

Last night my energy rose, no nausea, and legs felt strong most of the day.

This morning: No nausea, legs feel strong, my body has shrunk as well. Groin musculature is more flexible i.e the adductors are able to contract for longer and are stronger contractions. I can stand with my legs apart at about 75 degrees supported using my hands on a mid-hip height surface. This is about a 65 degree increase from about 30 degrees about 2 months ago.

I cannot think more than 10 hours a day. Doing sessions, answering emails, teaching, explanation, and posting in the morning all take most of my energy. Afterward I haven’t the energy for: creative ideas, videos, and writing my book. I am drawn to solve this but will keep pulling myself back to “HEALING” is my priority. Or at the minimum not make things worse!


Well happy Sunday everyone. Dedicate my healing to all those who need it!


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