August 3, 2018

Day 19 of my meat experiment.

The 10 days has been unlike the first 9 days of the experiment.  I have had a day with a nap after 5 days of unprecedented activity. That seemed quite reasonable. Yesterday I slept from 5pm to 10pm. I remained in bed till 5am sleeping most of the time. Either that is an indication of a “problem” or it is part of healing. I will hypothesize for the moment that this is part of my healing.

I have also been waking up with a foggier brain than in the first 10 days.

When I check in with innate:I see that the fat containing toxins is moving through my brains. The gut changes drastically i.e. it feels amazing, taught, holds me up, then it falls, I become droopy, tired and so forth. My head brain has moments of great clarity that is not consistent over hours or days. Though more often I have clarity than not. Before the experiment I had very few hours of clarity a week and seemed I had to reset the brain through sleep and many many BodyTalk sessions, cortices tapping, and BodyTalk Access sessions. All in all I sense that there is toxicity from years and years ago that are working their way out of the system. I get a really good feeling when I notice this. I do sense there is much more to come out.

Patience with myself has never been my strong suit. Cultivating patience for myself now.

This post is more like a BodyTalk session. Since starting to write I have noticed my posture, breathing, eye sight, clarity in my head brain, change. Going to tap my cortices now.

#healing #healingwithmeat #healingdiet #breakingbeliefs #rigidbeliefslimityou #limitingbeliefs #rigidbeliefs #tensionofopposites #mydietjourney #weightloss


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