Day 17: Meat only my experiment.

Last night I had nausea. The leg pain was intense till now– 8:41AM. It has subsided a bit as I massaged them with CBD oil.

I had a tiny bite of minced meat this morning. I could not eat it. Drinking lots of water and a coffee (just cannot give up the coffee).

I had the runs as well.

Amajor decrease in belly circumference.

I notice that when I have a noticeable weight loss I feel nauseous and have the runs.

I was using butter the first 14 days and converted to Ghee 2 days ago. Now I have a hard time eating ghee. I decided to have butter last night and it ended up tasting awful.

I am not exhausted but not as energetic as the first week. I took a nap yesterday. Of course I have not been this energetic in years.

A few things I have not mentioned:

Before 2018 I pushed myself to work long hours. In November and December upon my return from a Brasil trip I could hardly move. I decided to close my clinic. At that point I was able to eat 3 meals a day, rest, and weight loss began. This was the beginning of some real healing. Though my energy was nil and I could hardly walk. I also feared working at home would cause my legs to lose muscle as I was not pushing them to move. It was a battle between rest and how much energy to use.

Well folks let’s see what tomorrow brings. I am in clinic today and I get a massage at the end of the day. I am hoping Barbara can get my legs to release more.

Love to all


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