Day 46: My Experiment

Day 46: My Experiment

Aug 31, 2018

This past week I have been hungry. I have eaten more this past 6 days than the previous 40 days. I am not sure what all that means. The extra food did not give me more energy either. I am unsure what to make of this phase. I want to eat pure meat again, but my body struggles to eat only beef. Yesterday I ate: Ground meat for breakfast and lunch, a snack of cheese and bacon, dinner was pork souvlaki’s on a stick. First time I have had 3 meals and a snack. This morning I feel good though the hips are sore. Change in weather? The exercise I did the other day?

Also cramping has not been an issue till this week, yesterday I took magnesium. Cramping gone. I also started St. John’s Wort, finally arrived. I decided that I would take a series and see how the eczema does.

All in all this was a tough week energy wise. I think not having energy is worse than the pain. I can handle the pain when I have energy but not having energy really really sucks.


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Day 45: My Experiment

Day 45: My Experiment

August 30, 2018

I walked 2 blocks this morning. Tripped only 2 times as my legs stiffened. Granted there is a lot of construction, rocks, and uneven roads but I did it. Also doing laundry which is in the basement.

Had a bowl of meat, 100 grams of no carb cheese and 4 bacon yesterday. Today I will keep to all meat but again I am avoiding breakfast even though hungry.  Water first then onto meat.

I also used the weights again on my ankles last night. I could not walk much afterward but today much better. Lots of hope!

I had some cancellations today, usually denoting I need a break from work. Going to take it slow and easy. See if I can get the legs to move a bit more.

As this old city repairs it parallels my own repair eh?

Love to all

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Day 44: My Experiment

Day 44: My Experiment.  Photo by annca

This is the longest bout, 4 days, wherein I have been hungry. I added eggs again with some cheese and bacon. About 15minutes afterward my skin started to itch, the pain increased, and bloated belly. It is a lot better this morning but back to all meat. That was the first big reaction since trying to go Keto rather than all meat. It appears the healing is in the meat and fat. Going to try again all meat but so hard to get it down.


I also did not put on my TENS for very long yesterday. Back on today. When I overwork my mind at the weekends then the work week becomes more difficult. Such a fine balance eh?

The Lumps, bumps and bulges sessions were profound. Some reactions were deep release, drainage and so forth. For myself it feels like something is trying to move out but taking its time.


Love to all..


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Day 43: My Experiment

Day 43: My Experiment   Aug 28, 2018

Since using the weights on Sunday I have had difficulty with leg rigidity. I keep moving and gently giving them my attention.

I need rest again from over working the mind over the weekend. Today is session #2 of lumps, bumps and bulges. My sense is that my body is also getting ready for that session. I can feel that tension that comes before a release. Fingers crossed my intuition is on target. BreakThrough is coming up next month. I usually have a sense of the tension that will be released during class.  Part of the curse and blessing of being an HSP. That energy is beginning to seep into my daily life. Will this be one of those classes that bring huge change? The last class in Brasil changed everything for me. A new adventure begins. I am filled with enthusiasm and the deep meaning my work brings.

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Day 42: My Experiment

Day 42: My Experiment August 27, 2018


Check out the photo. I started weights last night. Did some leg lifts. OMG the pain all night in my hips was the kind that goes up into your brain. Started moving around this morning and feeling better. The ache is there but I can still move.

I have my TENS on. That thing helps a lot. Ate only meat yesterday with mustard. Seems that I have not been eating enough which accounts for the need to rest and lay down a lot. Since increasing my food intake on Saturday and Sunday I was able to remain upright all day Sunday! I even read at night as well as doing those leg exercises.

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Day 41: My Experiment

Day 41: My Experiment

August 26, 2018

My legs continue to increase in movement. The results are mildly perceptible to others but are notable to myself. Last night I had eggs for dinner. Today and during the night I found my sinus’ filling up.

Today I will have only meat once again to clear things up. I did rest a lot yesterday. Today I realize that eating so little during the week has decreased my energy levels. Eating 2 full meals yesterday and a snack has booted up my energy today. The feeling of fragility has dissipated.

It is 10AM and I am not yet hungry but can move about the house quite nicely. I find I can read a little. When on vacation I can read ceaselessly but once back at work, reading online, emails and so on I find I cannot read even a sentence from 5PM onward.

I will work intermittently, interspersing the day with resting my mind. Though I have so many creative ideas I want to implement. One baby step at a time.

Photo by cocoparisienne

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Day 40: My Experiment

Day 40: My Experiment

Aug 25, 2018

Good Morning All. I am going to try some eggs this morning and see what transpires. All in all yesterday was quite good. Though my head was a bit foggy by 2pm. I lay down from about 2pm learning to use some Apps, answering emails and so forth.

There are a few symptoms that I have decided to deal with in another way. Someone mentioned he healed severe eczema, way more than I have, with St. John’s wort. I decided to order some and start a few rounds of SJW. Secondly, some menopausal symptoms are problematic so I decided to take the round of Testosterone that I had stopped and see if there is any impact. Secondly, I have been using hypericum suppositories sporadically but now will make a concerted effort. Can you tell I have more energy? Yippeee.

Between the TENS, daily hypericum treatments, sporadic stretching, BodyTalk, and plain taking care of myself things are slowly shifting. Even though it is hard to walk today, my pelvic basin, hips and legs give me electric shocks, I continue to deduce this as a consequence of more movement. Oh, the lower back is achy, which rarely happens, I consider this a sign of a loosening of the block of muscle in the pelvic basin and hips. It is as though the area between my knees and navel has been melting slowly.

I thought today. Would this keto diet have worked beforehand. I get a resounding no since I have tired it several times to no avail. What was the biggest LINK in the chain of events for healing has been changing my work. Even with an added stress of having debt for the first time, that is nothing compared to ignoring my needs, putting myself last, neglecting myself. I consider my debt a huge investment in myself. Of course finally seeing results is super helpful.


Love you all for observing. We know how powerful observation is in the healing process.

(off to try eggs? or not?)


Day 38 & 39: My Experiment

DAy 38 & 39: My Experiment

August 23, 24, 2018   Photo by Larissa_K

It is hard for me to believe but I actually did so much moving around yesterday that I thought I had written the blog post. Not.

I was able to put a carpet out on the back railing and scrub it with carpet cleaner. I hurt today but it is good hurt if you know what I mean?

I am struggling with plain meat. On Wednesday I ate only meat but had very few bites. Yesterday I was so hungry but could not get it down. I added 100gms of cheese and 2 slices bacon. It helped. Since I am moving more it seems to me to be a sign.

One of the things I was looking for as a result of “all meat” is that the gut brain would be more discerning. In the past I did not trust its food requirements so I over rode it or went with it. Neither worked out well. Since testing cheese and bacon and having good results the gut brain might just be on the road to better discernment. Not only for food but in relationship to people, emails I answer and so forth are shifting and changing. A wonderful plus.

I have gone from way over emotional some weeks back to an equanimity. I am not as over charged emotionally. My choices are different. Without trying by the way. I am no longer pulled with a magnetic force to the pain of others. I experience objectivity. This has never happened in my entire life. So far events, such a the phone ringing (not mine by the way. I keep mine off.) can throw me into overwhelm. Presently,  I experience a lot less overwhelm.

The diet in combination with being in Service to Self is shifting everything.

Have a good one!


Day 37: My Experiment

Day 37: My Experiment

August 22, 2018  (photo by Alexas_Photos)

I used my TENS all day yesterday. When I remove it it is harder to walk. I even lifted a cement planter with my partner yesterday. I was so surprised I could do it. I still get tired early but can certainly last longer than I have been able to for years. Sunday I stayed up till 1am and last night till midnight. So cool!

Had a lovely sleep. The weather is cooler. This morning I could walk a lot better. Pain is diminished. I am also doing a lot better with leg stretches. Well it is a minute change but I certainly can tell the difference. My mind is cleared for longer hours as well.

I had only 5 spoonfuls of meat yesterday, not enough water, and 2 coffees. I am not yet hungry. When I eat the meat I often become nauseous and have a bit of upchuck.UGH!

I have lost quite a bit of weight. My skirt is falling off today. What was my waist is now my hips.

I started the Lumps, Bumps, and Bulges group session work yesterday. Well after the session I was 30% more flexible. I attribute my ability to lift the cement pot to the session work. I could not move much before that.

The feeling of having this weight of pain and fat on me is decreasing. Despite continued pain the muscles feel as though they are coming alive. I am feeling for the first time in 6 years that things are moving consistently in a more flexible direction. It would be such a pleasure to be able to dance again.

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