Day 46: My Experiment

Day 46: My Experiment Aug 31, 2018 This past week I have been hungry. I have eaten more this past 6 days than the previous 40 days. I am not sure what all that means. The extra food did not give me more energy either. I am unsure what to make of this phase. I […]

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Day 45: My Experiment

Day 45: My Experiment August 30, 2018 I walked 2 blocks this morning. Tripped only 2 times as my legs stiffened. Granted there is a lot of construction, rocks, and uneven roads but I did it. Also doing laundry which is in the basement. Had a bowl of meat, 100 grams of no carb cheese […]

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Day 44: My Experiment

Day 44: My Experiment.  Photo by annca This is the longest bout, 4 days, wherein I have been hungry. I added eggs again with some cheese and bacon. About 15minutes afterward my skin started to itch, the pain increased, and bloated belly. It is a lot better this morning but back to all meat. That […]

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Day 43: My Experiment

Day 43: My Experiment   Aug 28, 2018 Since using the weights on Sunday I have had difficulty with leg rigidity. I keep moving and gently giving them my attention. I need rest again from over working the mind over the weekend. Today is session #2 of lumps, bumps and bulges. My sense is that my […]

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Day 42: My Experiment

Day 42: My Experiment August 27, 2018   Check out the photo. I started weights last night. Did some leg lifts. OMG the pain all night in my hips was the kind that goes up into your brain. Started moving around this morning and feeling better. The ache is there but I can still move. […]

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Day 41: My Experiment

Day 41: My Experiment August 26, 2018 My legs continue to increase in movement. The results are mildly perceptible to others but are notable to myself. Last night I had eggs for dinner. Today and during the night I found my sinus’ filling up. Today I will have only meat once again to clear things […]

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