Day 16: July 31st , 2018

I am feeling tired this morning. I haven’t been this active for so many consecutive days since 2013. I am monitoring how much activity and how much rest I need.

Much like Goldilocks if I rest or move too much or too little the pain worsens. I have been passing by my TRX hanging off a door and  stopping to squat. That did it for last night, legs were miserable.  Of course the gain is that as I sit here I feel more flexible and energy continues to move in my legs.

Also the spot that has been numb on my thigh since 1976 has decreased and remained consistent. My energy is definitely consistent. I can stay up later. The earliest I have gone to bed since starting all meat is 10PM. Before that it was the latest I stayed up.

My belly is tightening, the core feels alive again, and my Kegels are strengthening.

Weight loss is the added benefit to eating only meat.

A disadvantage is a bit of the gag reflex and nausea if I eat too much. I still get queasy at the sight of blood. For goodness sake, maybe that needs to be addressed in BodyTalk? Have to eat it in small bites, slowly, and make sure I do not have one drop too much. I realize it is better to eat more often and in smaller quantities. Then I can enjoy it.

Here’s to all of us that are healing. I dedicate my healing to all of you today.



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