Sunday the 29th of July 2018

It is day 14. I woke up in the night and could not sleep. Sleeplessness was not due to pain nor any apparent malady. It was just one of those night where one wakes up and cannot sleep but nothing is going on. No thinking, no agitation nothing. I wanted to get up and start writing but my partner could not sleep either. I will let your imagination run wild.

Despite not sleeping much I am fully awake. My brain remains stable, though I can overwhelm easily.  I use what ever energy my brain allows and no more. Sometimes I cannot re-read what I write. My mind blurs. Hence you will notice I may miss deleting a non-sensical sentence. I can feel my brain tiring now. I have been on the computer 1.5 hours. Before the experiment I would have to sleep all day after doing an hour’s work on a Sunday.

Pain about 45%.

A side note: Yesterday at 1:30PM my legs became stiff and in pain. They did not release till about 3:30AM. I also had cramps during the night and took magnesium.

Going to try and squat today. Wish me luck!




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