Day 13 of my meat experiment.

The photo is of the bees in my yard. I watch them from the deck but today I could get down the stairs and take a photo:-)

I attended a wake Thursday evening (Day 11 of my experiment). My legs were in pain, stiff, I was shaky and certainly felt like an old woman.

I had no idea if I could make it to the funeral the next morning but I was going to show up at the church.

Friday: Day 12.

Woke early and worked till 10:30AM

Swung by my Mum’s to pick her up.

These little details may seem simple to most. For me, 13 days ago, the thought of working, getting dressed for an event, then actually picking someone up, then going to the event. parking and walking in to the event, talk to people, stand/stand/sit/stand/sit, was as impossible as climbing the Himalayas. The pain would result in shaking, my legs would be in pain and the thighs numb at the same time

I often screech when I talk. The pain causing me to force any energy to speak. Often others thought I was yelling at them.

I got to the church. I stood, sat, stood, sat as we do in our religious rituals. I was not too bad. I then sat and walked around talking to many people. We went to a restaurant. I was walking, no cane!!!!! I sat and the usual pain then this weird feeling that I have no legs WAS GONE!

I stood outside talking to a few people. I stood for about 12-15 minutes. I noticed I was able to continue. I was walking a bit funny and unsure on my legs but no where near the usual pain.

Then I noticed something I think I have not mentioned to you all. I have a numb spot on my right thigh that never goes away. When I stand and the pain increases the right  goes numb then the the left. The vasti all go completely numb. It is so strange to be in pain and numb at the same time.

In any case, I was standing outside and I noticed my leg did not go numb.

Also note I left the house at 10:30AM and it was now about 2PM. We began to drive home and I actually went into my Mum’s house to hang with her a bit then she drove me home.

I got in and SAT DOWN. Please note by 3pm most days in the last years I am ready to LAY down. It was about 7PM and I was sitting! I put my hand on my thigh were the usual numbness was. It was gone! The numbness has decreased about 35%. A little deeper in the tissue I could feel the numbness. I stayed up till 10:30PM. A long day.

I slept well and got up late 8:30AM. What a great rest. I felt wonderful this morning. I went grocery shopping. Came back fixed the house for guests. Got some vitamin D.

My legs hurt sitting here. I have done so much more in 3 days than I have done in years. I figure my legs are allowed some unwinding time.

Another thing that is happening is my skin is smoothing out, on my face, legs, and abdomen. A nice touch. I think it is time to do the lumps, bumps and bulges group BodyTalk Series and another on Beauty. Vanity thy name is woman. I ain’t gonna fight it.

Love to all of you and your support.


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