A bit weaker this morning but once I had my meat breakfast my energy lifted.

Hard time walking in the first hours but slowly I had more movement. I am still unsure whether there is improvement or this is a normal upswing.

Brain continues to function a lot better and for longer periods in the day. I continue to take time to rest after a work day.

Treatments I have not mentioned in the last 11 days:

BodyTalk from Angie Tourani in Hong Kong

BodyTalk from Britt Borjeson in Malaysia

Head and foot energy work, manual therapy, and Reiki from Barbara Matuzynska.

Sessions I mentioned:

Reiki Distance: Zutta Codjoe

Reiki Self Treatments

BodyTalk Access Daily.


Going to be giving Reiki Initiations this afternoon. I look forward to seeing the impact of those.

Some of you have been asking if I am still working. Yes I am. I actually am much healthier than I have been in the past despite what I continue to experience. Walking is difficult but my brain and enjoyment of life continues.

Also all of this began with some injuries and 2 years into this I found out I had metals poisoning.  That was the worst period of all. I had moments I could not even lift myself off of the bed despite trying. I remember being in Brasil during a lunch hour. I went to take a lay down and could not get myself off the bed. It was the same every day. I would use my arms to lift and my head would flop forward. I would fall onto the bed and feel the energy fading from my body. I am a willful individual so I pushed until I could stand then drank coffee.

Many of you have been making recommendations- I thank you kindly. I cannot answer all of you but if there is something I have not heard of I will try it at the end of the 30 days. Of course one thing at a time when it comes to food.

I have given up all supplements and at the minute would like my body to be completely supplement free. I have been pumped with supplements, food additions and digestives, tons of ACV and so forth.

If there is something I have not tried I will but supplements not till next year. Food I will add one at a time at the end of 30 days and see what happens. If I have a relapse I will clean out again for 30 days.

I thank you all for your help.  I am interested in what you have to say, your experience and suggestions. I think this is why I started this blog.

My Mum started looking into healthy alternatives in the 60’s. We grew up on wheat germ, ACV, sprouting, lentils, homemade yogurt, Kefir, you name it – what ever was available in the 60’s Mum was on it and we continued throughout our lives.  We were the weirdo hippies of the neighbourhood. I was off meat at a young age. I just did not like it. Today I understand that it is highly likely I had a micro-biome problem from an early age. My choices of food appeared healthy but might not have been the best for my body.






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