July 25th 2018 Day 10 of my Experiment.

-Photo by noupload on pixabay

Today there is a stabilization of energy and mental clarity.

Up at 6AM.

Pain steady at 8-9/10 when upright. 2-3/10 when seated. 4-5 when laying down.

Good sleep last night, woke about every hour and fell right back to sleep.

Liquid stool.

Lungs doing very well.

Ate very little minced meat with some butter.

1 coffee


I used CBD pomade on my legs today.

Generally I feel I have stabilized, last week was extreme high energy, this week I have been taking naps. I slept 2 hours in the afternoon. After sleeping in the afternoon the pain goes down to 5-7/10 whilst walking.

Significant decrease in visceral fat about 1-2″

Update at 13:41PM EST

Energy levels have clearly stabilized.

Lots of sinus and throat issues. Scratchy throat, sneezing (sneezed 3 times whilst writing this and now have a super scratchy throat).

More movement in my pelvic basin.

Lower back more flexible.

I can also stand up and walk a bit.

This blog/diary will be a great attestation to whether there is improvement or this is a pattern.  Fingers crossed!




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