This isn’t such a great day. I feel some brain fog and have been in a lot of pain.

I had to have my morning coffee. I will try not to have another today.

My brain is in overwhelm. I cannot think as clearly as the first 7 days. I am considering that the increase in energy was so exciting that I over did it. I was suspect that I need to learn to manage my energy levels and now need to rest to come back to normal levels.

Also I may not be eating adequate amounts of meat and fat.

I did notice I was not adding enough salt.  That helped a lot to add a few sprinkles of salt.

I also increased computer time significantly. Let’s say about  6 more hours a day this past work week. That has a huge impact on my energy.

As you might tell I am a bit confused today.



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, yesterday I had very low energy & didn’t know why but reading your post is helping to be wise, gentle, kind & loving towards self…


  2. Dear Terryann, I hear you. I can’t imagine or notice you are even a bit confused. Your clarity makes you shine through, you are in deep physical pain but clear as a beautiful diamond, today and always. You have helped me through the most difficult situations with that shine and love. I wish deeply I could help, what can I do, how can I help. I keep sending my best wishes and love to you and my mother, you both are suffering so much pain. The power of intention must help somehow, yet, if I can do something else please just let me know, it will be done with great pleasure, out of deep gratitude and love. I’m so thankful you are in my life. May you be healthy and free of pain. You deserve it the most, don’t give up. Much Love, Martha


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