Last night was rough. I woke often to pain all over my legs. Front, back, inner thigh, outer thigh, IT band, back of knees, below the knee.

I had several muscle contractions/charlie horse in both lower legs. Started in the Peroneus Longus, Brevis and into the Extensor Digitorum Longus bilaterally.

I in a bit of confusion I took too much magnesium. It has helped though am off to the washroom a lot. I also added 3 drops of minerals to the magnesium. My first supplement to the diet.

The pain is back to old levels since yesterday morning: 8-9 on 10 when I stand or try to walk.

My energy is still good. The intensity of pain yesterday, overnight, and this morning has led  to mental confusion and overwhelm. I am not as bright today as I was during the week.

Also I notice my legs are not inflamed despite all the pain they have gone through. I still feel energy in my legs whereas before the diet I felt no energy movement.

Also numbness in my thigh is reduced by 80%.




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