Yesterday was  a hyperactive whirlwind. My day started at 5AM.

I talked too fast and kept going till 8pm.

I even drove the to country at 2pm and returned at 8pm. I am usually comatose at 3pm. If I had to go out at night, maybe a few times a year in the past 6 years. I would sleep the whole afternoon. to be able to.

I was unable to walk but used both my walking sticks and could move at a nice pace. Getting down a step feels like someone is using a flail to beat in my sacrum, buttocks, and legs. It takes all my strength to keep me upright as the pain takes over.

I did get home exhausted. My Reiki Mastery Student Zutta Codjoe gave me a distance Reiki session and it calmed me right down.

I slept from 9:30PM till 6AM. Thank you Zutta

I had a charlie horse at about 3AM. If that happens again I may take some magnesium.

My head was clear but my body needed more rest this morning. I stayed in bed till 8:30AM, did BodyTalk Access and my leg exercises-which I  had not done yesterday.

I got up and could walk around on my own for about 1 hour. Then I had to sit. Getting up is still difficult. My brain is doing quite well and stress down.

Eczema is reduced by another 25%. Mostly dry not weepy.

My body feels as though it is tighter at its core. A good tight-I would say I am experiencing tensegrity improving at the core and out to my arms, head, and legs are not akimbo but coming straight down from my hips.

My back feels as though it is coming out of hibernation. I feel twinges of pain and cracking but there is more flexibility, maybe 5-7%.

This photo shows how the tension, twist in my body lifts the edge of my foot. I am standing straight. The inner edge of the right foot it pulled off the ground about 1 inch. If I press the edge to the floor the left foot will lift off the floor. Hence the whole chain of musculature is tight right through the legs bilaterally.

BTW I cannot cross my legs in any position. In 2012 I was sitting cross legged and once day I could not. If this could happen in 24 hours then so can healing? I try everyday to move my legs in different directions. I am gaining some movement and strength but NO improvement for crossing my legs.



Well, off with my sticks to get meat! Wish me luck!





  1. Great to hear your progress. I am also continuing with the meat diet. I have had sugar cravings for the last 2 days and had sugar. Though these cravings arises after a stressful situation. I am thinking of an intervention when the stress is happening so I do not reach for sugar. I still can be irritated , though I want to have a day without sugar and see what happens then.


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