Friday July 20th, 2018 6:45AM

This change has stabilized over several bedtimes: To bed once again at 11PM

New change for today:

Up this morning at 5:20AM. A sincere relief.

I teeter when I walk. Maybe I should say I shuffle walk.

Pain up last night and this morning by 35-40%. The joints in my legs feel more stable, hence my ability to shuffle-walk.

Sleep was restless, had some difficulty turning. The pain awoke me several times.

Something I do not know what to make of yet, I have reduced my water intake. I was drinking 3-4 litres now only 1 litre and sometimes less.

I had been taking 1000-3000MG aspirin 2 weeks ago but the Dr.  said my stomach would start to bleed with such high doses. The pain has increased but I am not taking pain killers at all since Tuesday.

As the day wears on, stretching, moving, drinking water the pain and tension increase. By nightfall I can lay down with bent knees feet flat on the sofa and feel the musculature around my knees tensing up. An 7 inch circumference around my knee starts to inflame and pulls at the muscle till finally I cannot keep them bent. Last night when I did this I felt the muscle expanding for the first time in years. It is certainly a wonderful thing to do relaxation breathing, gentle tissue pulls with my hands, Reiki and so on, rather than feeling the area grow tense it relaxes.

I little history that has come back to me this morning:

When this all began in 2012 I had been working with a personal trainer for about 7 years. Each time we did a workout the right leg would seize up and I struggled for a week. We would train again and the cycle continued. Exercises that should have relieved the tension worsened it.

I eventually fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle.

In any case I stopped training by the end 2013 or 14.

I have been looking for exercises and finally found a few that do not cause too much contraction in the musculature.







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