July 19th, 2018

Today is day 4 of ONLY meat, fat, water, salt, and still on coffee. I am having trouble giving up coffee.


Went to bed last night at 11PM. I usually am in bed by 9PM – for the last 4 years.

I slept deeply. Pain did not awaken me. I slept through the night!! This is the first time in 5-6 years.

Woke up this morning at 6am with a lot more energy.

Head much clearer than it has been in possibly 20 years. Clear head is not only remaining consistent but getting clearer daily. Again this is only day 4 of meat only, fat, salt, water, coffee.

Quantities of food are quite small.

My body’s musculature is tightening up. I sit more erect. I can hold myself up. I feel energy in my body. I usually feel energy draining from my body with every passing minute. I often feel as though death is around the corner as my life force is drained from me. Then my head collapses, my eyes droop, and I need to lay down. I usually lay down around 3pm and move very little till then next morning. Despite the pain I move, can remain seated and have a conversation. That may seem simple but for over 5 years having a conversation has been like carrying a boulder up a mountain.

Mood is a lot better except when active. The pain is accompanied by snappiness, curtness, abruptness.

I can write more than one sentence without frying my brain. I have been writing posts, email replies, and this blog since 8am. This transition is not only surprising it is changing my life so rapidly I do not know what to make of it.

I am not taking any pain killers. The pain in my legs when I stand is unbearable. I walk now holding walls and chairs to get to other rooms. The pain when I sit is LESS. The pain when I lay down is LESS. The pain has moved up along the spine. The latter was not evident before Monday.

I have not left the house since last Friday. I am unsure how I will be able to get anywhere. I will try grocery shopping Saturday and use 2 canes then the shopping cart.

I take hormones and for the first time forgot to take them. I also do not want to take them. Not sure what to make of that either.

I think I forgot to mention all my experiment goals.

Here they are in order of importance:

1- Increase in energy.

2-NO MORE PAIN! And be able to walk

3-Produce hormones again.

4-Weight loss (an added bonus)

GOAL 1 has exceeded my expectations on day 4. Let’s see how much more energy is possible!

You might say that pain would be number 1 on my list but it is not. No energy has been the worst. The pain of course is bad, but now that I have energy it makes it a lot more bearable and I can take more steps to healing the pain.

I am sitting here incredulous that:

I am still writing.

My head is clear

I feel energy moving in my body.

We are nearing 11am and I am usually thinking about laying down. Right now that is the furthest from my mind.

Am I in a dream or is this real?




  1. This is great. I have started doing the meat diet. Though I did consume some sugar and felt out of it. Than back to the meat and much more alert. My concern is experiencing hunger. Though I had some butter and that seemed to cut my appetite. Will see how I do for the rest of the evening… keep going it’s very supportive…


    1. It is important not to get hungry. I have found I eat very little. I eat 3 times a day. If my energy is low I eat some fat. Since starting meat and fat only I needed a fat snack on day 1 only. This is really fascinating. Love to hear how you are doing too.


    1. As long as there is no sign of danger I will continue. So far I found people who have been on meat only for 20 years. My research and experimentation continue. I am actually getting hyperactive now! This has not happened for years!


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